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How to Fulfill 11oz and 15oz Mug

PrintHigh officially released 11oz and 15oz Mug as part of our product category since September 9th 2020.

Product Features:

  • Accurate colors & high-quality printing quality
  • 11oz mugs will be packed in anti-shock box
  • Same day processing for most orders

Mugs can be processed by 2 ways depending on your needs:

  • Print by templates: we will process by the design file you provide.
    • 11oz Mug – White: 2717 x 1146px, 300 dpi
    • 11oz Mug – Black: 2421 x 1098px, 300 dpi
    • 15oz Mug – White: 2717 x 1217px, 300 dpi
    • 15oz Mug – Black: 2433 x 1217px, 300 dpi
      Download template here. Don’t add background to Black Mug designs. Just keep them transparent.
  • Print by shirt design: You only need to provide the design file for the complementary shirt. No further adjustment required.


1. Fulfill by CSV:

– Download template here
– If print by template, put the design to designFullUrl column.
– If print by shirt design, put the design link to both designFrontUrl and designBackUrl column.


    • Mug 11oz – White: 110
    • Mug 11oz – Black: 111
    • Mug 15oz – White: 150
    • Mug 15oz – Black: 151

2. Fulfill by Manual Order:

1. Using template: use design files provided by PrintHigh
2. Separated front & back design: Print different designs on 2 sides. No need to use recommended design size.
3. Same design for front and back: print the same design on both sides

3. Fulfill by API:

  • If you use API to send the orders, check the design links thoroughly. If you print by template, make sure that the design location is ‘full’. If using shirt design, send both front and back designs.
  • API Documentation:

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Happy Fulfilling!